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TOTAL THREAT is a first person shooter with a timer mechanic, that forces the player to play aggressively and to keep moving. When the player deals damage to the enemies, they gain more time to live. 

The player can use a dodging time slow mechanic that recharges when enemies are killed.

Includes 3 full levels. Playtime around 15 minutes, depending on your skill because the game can be quite challenging. You are supposed to die a lot and gradually get better at the levels.


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Grate game health a bit confusing but a good game 

Good Game

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Pretty damn fantastic. Simple game with very simple mechanics and super fun to play. The slow-mo plus basic guns gives you lots to try.

The biggest flaw holding it back are the spray patterns on guns and the unreliable aim. Your bullets don't start off accurate on even the first shot (even when standing still) and I noticed they all seem to favor spraying into the far right on the reticle. This makes you miss crucial shots in otherwise perfectly timed moments even at closer ranges. The intention here might be to make you prioritize close, point-blank shots. But even then, the accuracy still feels more than unreliable.

The iron sights also seem misaligned and a bit faulty - moving around will make the model permanently sway into a whole different angle unless you re-aim the sights. The MP5 ironsights are misaligned for the entire game and the bullets travel much higher than your iron sights.

Otherwise, small QOL additions like hit markers, damage indicators (or damage sounds) and maybe more movement options would be amazing. The health and time UI could maybe communicate better? It took me several tries until I realized the red was your damage filling up instead of telling you your remaining health lol.

There's a great game here that has the potential to go fully standalone shooter if the gunplay gets more attention. Speedrunners and arena shooter fans would eat this up so fast with a leaderboard function. Keep it up!


this game is very fun and very short as well, besides that the graphics are also really good if you turn the settings up and nothing more satisfying that getting a one shot kill in slowmo with the pistol, 100 percent worth your time, just dont break anything because this game will make you rage 

Great game. I think that If you would work on this game even more, then you could publish this game on steam. I would buy it.

Milk = Karlson


fun but maybe add a lower difficulty that is a little more forgiving for newer players


great game


Love the game, can't wait to do the rest of the levels


Pretty fun game. The shot inaccuracy/arms blocking headshots can be pretty annoying though, since it makes it way harder to one hit enemies.


Great game m8, with just a little bit of polish on the aiming and picking  up weapons mechanic I think it could be a great videogame, I leave you here my video, hopefuly it is useful for the development :D 


Great game, the Max Payne style shootdodge works very well and its a lot of fun to blow through enemies as fast as possible to get better times. The menus are also very stylish. I think some sort of a leaderboard would be great so you could see and compare your times on the levels. Overall 10/10 experience, left me wanting more.

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Awesome game! I'm addicted!!! 7 minutes here.

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good but so hard


Harder than dark souls. 5/5