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THIS GAME IS VERY AMAZING! <3 Greets from Germany ^^

Could you please nerf a little the bigger ones?

Also, would be epic to have a Chronos boss fight

Anyway, nice game!

Thanks for playing! 

At the moment, I have unfortunately no plans to update the game. I know the squid machines can be quite unforgiving in their difficulty and if I was ever to make a sequel or a proper full game version of this game, I would definitely take more time to improve the difficulty and overall gameplay.

Thank you for being so considerate. I will wait until so


This was awesome! Definitely more difficult than I thought it would be, but overall a great game! Here's my playthrough:


A really good game. Loved the retro/old school vibe.


very good game bro


that was awesome, thanks!

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Full Gameplay:

Nice game dev thanks a lot :) 5/5